Available Pups

Please Note

Thank you to all of you who have visited our website at Misty Hollow Kennels. In the 23 years we’ve been doing this, the steep increase in families wanting puppies due to the Covid situation took us by surprise and we worked hard to make the process of purchasing a puppy as fair as possible.

Honestly, we could have doubled our prices and still not had enough puppies. Our approach has always been to be reasonable in our pricing because we think these beautiful little creatures are a gift to every family. Unfortunately, it also meant that a good number of you were disappointed and did not receive a puppy from our latest litter.

From now until the situation returns to normal, we will post our puppies on our website and on Kijiji  when they are ready to go at 8 weeks. Puppies will only be available when they are posted.

We truly wish each one of you all the best in finding a suitable puppy for your homes. We would be honoured if Misty Hollow Kennels can help you!


We raise several different breeds of pups.